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Product Description

  •  Include Ferry Ticket
  • Family/Friendly
  • Max: 8 pax
  •  Baby Seat
  • 1+ Insurances all seat
  • English speaking driver
Terms & Conditions
  • Maximum 8 persons / minibus, 2 persons/car.
  • Do not allow any kind of pets in the minibus.
  • Passengers are not allowed to drink alcohol and not brought into the car.
  • Non smoking in minibus.
  • No drugs or any illegal in minibus, if the driver has any doubt he can allow the police to raid in the minibus or suspects person.
  • The driver has the right to stop the car if found unsafe for the minibus and/or the passengers.
  • The highest priority is safety and comfortable. Driver will assess the speed of the car depending on traffic conditions and the environment
  • The company will not responsible for any lost valuable in minibus

Private Transfer Service

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